Thursday, September 3, 2015

5 Free Photo Apps You Need

With social media being so prevalent in our day to day lives, it makes it almost impossible for us to go a day without seeing a picture taken by family, friends, and even people we may not even know. Some are awesome pictures while some, well, aren't quite the best. The awesome thing about those not so great pictures though, are that there are so many free photo apps out there that make your pictures look pretty sweet. I've rounded up a few of my favorites that make my Instagram (shameless plug!) feed look way better than it would without the help of a photo editing app!

This app is probably one of my absolute favorites. You can add so many elements to your pictures. You can add overlays, crops, text, and numerous different filters to get the added effects you want to portray. There are so many different packs you can get for this app that has more than enough elements to play with. You can really get into the design on this app and one of the best things is that you don't really need a picture to play with. You can start completely from scratch and make your own design. Pretty sweet.

RealTimes allows you to create 'stories' with your pictures and videos. It's very similar to another app I like to use. This one is relatively new to me, but I've played with it a little and the free version really allows you to cram quite a bit in to make an awesome memory. I did notice though, that if you want to make a longer 'story', you have to purchase the add-ons, which is the case with many other apps, but its a great app for a quick play.

This is yet another app that allows you to bring your photos and videos to life. Most of these can be used in collage form and they allow you to use videos and pictures. If you want something you can do both, this app is perfect for that.

Layout is an app that I use quite often to make still picture collages. I like how easy that app is to use and navigate. This app was released by Instagram and it allows you to completely remix your photos in a way that is fun and appealing. I have used this more than the other layout apps and I like the freedom that I have with it!

Another of my favorites is Flipagram. This app is great for videos and photos alike. The one feature that I love about this app is the ability to use current songs. You can use a 30 second clip for free or purchase the entire song fro iTunes. This app also allows you to make longer videos which is also a plus for me. You can do so much with this and I have yet to utilize all of its capabilities!

What are some of your favorite apps to use? I'm always searching for new awesome apps to make my pictures and videos exactly how I want them. Not to mention, if they are free, I certainly can't complain!


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