Monday, September 28, 2015

5 Work Must Haves

I was off this weekend, so it automatically was a great weekend. We spent time with family and friends and house hunted, it was pretty much awesome. Oh, and since I was off, I figured I would let you know what it is that I can not be without while I'm at work (or at home, if we're being serious!) I usually carry a bag with me that has my lunch and a few other things that I might need, but these five things are items that if I didn't have, I would feel totally and completely lost without.

Blue Sky Planner
I love my planner. It not only organizes just about everything I need at home with practices, appointments, blog posts, and what not, but it helps me keep track of my work days, what holidays I may work, in addition to the hours that I have worked. It makes it that much easier to remember for my time sheet and also what days I may have requested some leave. With this planner, I can buy the refill packs and keep using it. It's not some fancy planner, but it works for what I need it for!

ID Badge
I've gone through three of these since I've started and it isn't because they aren't worth having. To be honest, I have broken two of them because when I do rounds at work, I use it to keep my hands busy. I can't seem to not keep them busy (my hands that is.) Of course, for obvious reasons, it's also something great to hold my card I need to get into different areas of the jail and I could hold my ID if I wanted, but I usually keep that elsewhere so that it isn't lost. 

Bubba Keg & Straws
I not only keep this thing with me at work, but also at home. I find that if I have something 'pretty' I'm more likely to use it. I found this Bubba Keg at Walmart on the clearance rack and bought a pack of the rubber straws to go with it and haven't put it down yet. It holds 32 ounces of water and I usually drink three to four of the a night! It keeps me hydrated and I don't drink so much coffee at night so that I can sleep in the morning. I love my pretty little Bubba Keg!

Orbit Wintermint Gum
Yet another thing that keeps me from eating so much at night when I may have down time. It also helps to keep my breath so fresh haha. I also keep Tic-Tacs, but I like gum better because it seems to last a little longer than the Tic-Tacs...

Pilot G2 Pens
These pens are my absolute favorite. I don't buy any others because I just don't like them. I buy the extra fine ones and they have been the best. Everyone has their own preference, but I think these are awesome...I also realllllyyyyy like click pens click. click. click.

What can't you live without at work?!

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