Tuesday, September 15, 2015

How to grow your Pinterest following

One of my favorite forms of social media is Pinterest. Hours could pass by and I could be lost in all that beautifully staged homes, perfect hair and their tutorials, and ways to get fit. Not only can I get lost for hours, but it is also a great resource for almost any and everything. I catch myself heading to Pinterest before I go to Google if I need a recipe or a good tutorial on something. Why? By nature, I am a very visual person. Seeing what it is that I am looking for and seeing a very aesthetic picture associated with it makes me more likely to click the link. If I see something that looks 'pretty' I automatically want to see what there is to see. 

When I started using Pinterest when it first came out, I signed up for an invitation (not sure if that's still the case!) Once I received the invitation to join, I signed up and started pinning away. Up until a year or so ago, I gave no concern to the boards, the pins, or even my following. Once I cleaned up my boards and organized them, I began to see a major increase in my Pinterest following. For the longest time, I only had 150 or so of my family and friends following me, now, I've increased that to 2.4k! And here's how...

1// Organize your boards. Sounds easy, but if you have been pinning for a long time, you may have started and not given much thought to where you were pinning items and to which boards you were pinning them too. Put like items together, that way they won't be so jumbled and chaotic.

2// Make your boards look similar. This just means to make the headers look alike. If you take a look at my boards, you'll notice that they all have the '//TITLE.' style. It looks a little better on they eyes and again, doesn't look so chaotic. 

3// Make each board have a category. Each of my boards are labeled under the kind of topic they can be found under. For instance, my //WEAR board is categorized under 'Women's Fashion.' I also included a sub header that provides a little more information about the board, 'With an infinite budget, these would find their way into my closet.' Catchy and informative. 

4// Pin a few items at a time. Usually, I browse Pinterest whenever I have a free moment. It just keeps me busy. So I usually pin a few things, at a time. I'll pin a variety of things, but only a few at a time (unless I've been sitting in the bathtub, then I pin WAY more than that...it's what I do haha!)

5// Pin like items. Whenever I am pinning during my free moments, I usually pin like items. I'll pin a few food items and then next time I'll pin fitness pins. It all just depends on my mood, but I usually group them in little bitty clusters. 

6// Position your cover board picture to make sense. When a new board is made, it generally uses a random picture and it's off. The position that it's in, looks weird and isn't very pleasing to the eye. Take the time to find the right picture and make that picture jump out to others. Choose a picture that works in such a small frame. It will make all the difference. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and in Pinterest's sake, it's definitely true. 

7// Make your profile count. It goes without saying, but make sure that your profile is up to date and accurate. If you have a blog or website, make sure to list it. You can also list other accounts such as Twitter. Not only can you link other accounts, but you can also add an awesome tagline or something to describe you and your personality. Have fun with it, be creative!

I hope this helps anyone who has an interest in growing their Pinterest account. I have found some other awesome ideas through others that I may not have found other wise! Does anyone else have any other tips or tricks?!

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