Monday, September 7, 2015

It's all in the name: Lola & Lane

Lola & Lane. The name of this blog.

So much thought goes into picking the perfect name. Will it catch on? Will it stick? What if it sounds dumb? There are so many thoughts during one of the most important decisions when beginning a blog. When choosing the name for my blog, I thought for quite awhile and didn't put my plan into action until I thought of something that I truly loved and had a connection with. So then, the story behing the name, you ask?

Lola. My oldest daughter's middle name. Lola also happened to be my Grandmother's name. Before she passed away, my Grandmother, who I called Mammal (pronounced mah-maw, if that makes sense!), was my best friend and my absolute everything. We spoke everyday, sometimes multiple times per day, and saw each other quite a bit. It was only fitting that I give her name to my daughter, whose first name is Willow.

Willow Lola.

I may be somewhat biased, but I am so in love with her name. It only made sense, to somehow incorporate the use of Lola into my blog since there's such a deep connection to the name.

Lane. My youngest daughter's middle name. Lane was chosen in a somewhat similar fashion. Lane was   chosen because it was ex-husband's mother's maiden name. Again, it offered a family tie and was still a unique name. I loved that it still was different and a beautifully chosen name that held so much meaning. My youngest's name is Lyla.

Lyla Lane.

Her name too, was chosen as a somewhat unique and family name. The second half of my blog name, Lane.

My blog, Lola & Lane, is a reflection of my life and the most important parts of it. There was and is so much meaning behind the name. Not only does it represent my daughter's but it is a representation of the important pieces that make up my small sliver of life. I may not have the whole 'life' thing figured out, however, I do know that I'm not so worried about the quantity of life, but the quality. I want memories, I want fun, I want to know that the time spent in my life was made the best possible all due to taking the efforts to just live and be in the moment. It's sometimes hard to do and remember, but making the conscious effort to do so is something to strive for.

One of my favorite pictures of my girls, Willow Lola & Lyla Lane. Willow is on the right & Lyla is on the left.

So, I attempted to articulate the story behind the name. I digressed a little, but that's to be expected when my weekend was filled with nothing but work and sleep. Night shift is rough, especially as a correctional officer...but that's a story for a different day...
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