Tuesday, September 1, 2015


In all honesty, I can't believe it's already September. As cliche as it sounds, this summer flew by faster than I expected it would. We have crammed so much into this summer and has been one of the best summers we've had! While I'm eager for fall to arrive, I can't say that I won't miss lounging by a body of water soaking up the rays.

With September upon us, it doesn't just mean that the air begins to cool and water gets a little colder, it also means that schedules change and the carefree summer life ends. It's back to the grind and back to business. My littles head back to school on the eighth and Lyla will be in kindergarten and Willow will move on up to third (I can't believe it!) grade. It's a big year with a ton of new and exciting things for us.

As for myself, there are a few things I would like to work on. In order to motivate myself, I'm compiling a list of 'goals' to help keep me on track. See, without writing it down and holding myself accountable, I lack the motivation to stay on task and accomplish the things I want to do. So without further adieu...

September Goals

//Get more uninterrupted sleep. You'd think this would be easy, however, since I work night shift, I have shorted myself on sleeping uninterrupted. Getting less sleep has made me somewhat unmotivated to do much of anything, which leads me to the next item on the list...

//Stick with a regular workout/running schedule. I've been lacking in this department as well. Not only have I been unmotivated due to lack of sleep, but I have been pretty good at making excuse after excuse. I've been to tired, to busy, to whatever. Long story short, I've been lazy. I've run out of excuses and I'm here to hold myself to it. On a side note, I have signed up to be a part of the #1800MinuteChallenge hosted by Living In Yellow and Glisten Fit on Instagram, let's see if that lights a fire under me...

//Write more. I think this one goes without saying. I missed writing little tidbits and documenting on my own little blog. I'm glad I decided to get back into it.

//Get outside more. We have been pretty good about getting outside and making use of out time off work and school. We've hiked, fished, camped, vacationed, and whatnot. I'd like to make sure that we continue this because it serves as a time to decompress and just be. I've enjoyed the time we've spent outdoors and I don't want it to end.

//Get the girls back onto a schedule. The girls schedules are a hard thing to keep up with. With their Father and I sharing custody, I have to make it a point to make sure to keep them on the best schedule I can. Last year I implemented a nine o'clock bedtime with no electronics and that really seemed to work well. With their summer schedule, I allowed them to stay outside longer and up later. It's now time to get back on track with school and sports starting back up so that I know they get ample sleep each night.

//Make meals count. Again, I've been a little lax on this too. What is wrong with me?! I would like to make sure that I take the time to meal prep and have ideas as to what will be fixed for dinner. With practices and school, it's vital to make sure we have ideas of good hearty and healthy meals. Pinterest, will get a good dose of traffic from me for this ;)

I know that there are more things that I would like to accomplish, however, for now, I don't want to overwhelm myself! I'll check back in at the end of the month to see if I was able to maintain and keep to my list of goals. Does anyone else have any goals they would like to accomplish?!

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  1. Two fitness related goals for me this month-
    1. "move" EVERY DAY. Do something, anything to get my heart rate up....every single day.
    2. Run at least 26.2 miles this month. RunKeeper and Saucony have teamed up for the month of September. If you track 26.2 miles of running this month, they'll donate $26.20 to The Run for Good Foundation which supports the health of children.

    So glad you're blogging again :-)

    1. Those are two pretty feasible goals! I think it's pretty awesome that Saucony and RunKeeper will donate money for such a good cause! And I'm definitely glad to be blogging again...I really missed it ;)