Friday, September 18, 2015

There's no title to accomodate this post

These weeks seem to go by entirely way to fast. It seems like I have absolutely no time for anything and when I do, it's 'wham bam thank ya ma'am.' Anyway, I'm sitting at Lyla's gymnastic practice with a little time to myself, so I figured I'd bust out a little something ;) Lucky you, right? Here a few things on my mind lately...

//I'm getting a major case of the wanderlust. I just want to get up and go, anywhere, really. I'd be happy with a fun little road trip. Unfortunately for me though, I have responsibilities that come first. I have been going through my travel board on Pinterest and just can't seem to get enough of the beautiful images to some awesome places in this small thing we call earth! Or maybe it's because I know vacation has been over now for over a month and I'm longing to get back out for some R&R...

//I've done really well with running and hitting the gym. I can tell it's working because I'm so sore from not doing a whole lot over the summer. So far this week, I've ran four days and hit the gym four days. I've been building back up my mileage and weight training, so that I can get back to where I was. My runs have consisted of the town river walk, which is just under two miles round trip. Once I feel comfortable with mastering that run, I'll add some mileage (hopefully my knees don't decided to quirk out on me!) Weights have been relatively the same for me. Maybe it's muscle memory, but for the most part, I haven't lost too much on what I can do. I'll save the details for another post ;)

//The weather has been absolutely wonderful here. You mean we're talking about the weather? I am loving that it is so cool in the mornings. It really makes me want to get outside before the heat of the day takes over. I may be jumping the gun on the whole fall thing, but I'm so ready for it. It's my favorite time of the year and these chilly mornings are making me want it even more.

//Thankful can't even begin to describe the people who have helped me the past few months. I have friends that I never thought I would and have been blessed with some pretty awesome people. That being said, I am beyond ready to find a place that we can call home. We have been looking around and trying to get everything in order to do so. These past few days we've had off work have been very productive in that department and our journey to find a home is moving right along. Hopefully we will be sharing some great news sooner rather than later!

//If you haven't seen, I was part of an awesome Giveaway this week! Make sure you go check it out and enter if you haven't already! There are some great gifts along with some moolah...who wouldn't want some extra cash?! Go now and enter!

And to end the week off on an awesome note, I can't seem to upload pictures because my computer is being whack...womp womp womp...I'll get that fixed this weekend I hope!

Have a great weekend =)

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  1. Keep up the hard work running and at the GYM! -- Tiara <a href="”>ice cream + french fries </a>

  2. I am loving the cooler temps too! I've got my heat on in the car in the morning and the a/c on by lunch! :))

  3. I love when the weather starts cooling down in the mornings! So nice!