Wednesday, October 28, 2015

7 Gift Ideas for the Outdoor Adventurer

I am always trying to find different and unique gifts for each person I know. I know quite a few people who enjoy getting outside and spending as much time in nature as possible. Occasionally, I'll find an awesome piece that I have to share because I want to make sure that others know about it too! Below, I have found seven awesome items that would make great additions to anyone who loves to spend time outside. 

The Sport-Brella is an awesome piece if you are planning on heading to the beach, Not only is it an umbrella, but the sides can be staked into the ground and made to provide more shade to create a tent like shape. We used this when we went to the Outer Banks this year and I loved it. They come in a few different sizes and are a great addition to not only the beach, but to any outdoor activity that one might need to have a little bit of extra shade.

Life Straw
I have read quite a few reviews on this piece and I have actually purchased this to give as a gift this year. I can't wait to see how it actually holds up, especially since the reviews are very good on it. The Life Straw is a personal water filter and can filter out the gross stuff in the water that you shouldn't be drinking. It's said that you can use the Life Straw to drink straight from puddles and streams without hesitation (although I doubt I'm just going to pick a random puddle and begin drinking!)

This nifty little thing would be an awesome gadget gift for someone who has and uses an iPhone. It's a charger that hooks to the belt loop of your pants and can be plugged into the phone to charge it. I have read a few reviews on this too and they are kind of split down the middle as a good to go or no go...I guess that's something for you to decide.

Treo Chair
The Treo Chair is an ultra light chair that can be folded up into a small canister or pod to easily fit into your backpack or other small space. It can be taken with you on a hike into the back country or for a tailgating event. Either way, it's nice to have a seat that can be taken anywhere.

Fire Sleeve
The Fire Sleeve is yet another awesome gadget to invest in, especially if you intend to camp or hike a lot. This sleeve is water proof and protects the lighter from getting wet and not working. They also have the same thing for matches, if matches are more your thing. Any outdoors adventurer would love this, especially on a cold evening, a fire is a must. Who would want to be without a lighter because it was water logged? Not me! 

Mystic Fire
Ok, so this isn't an absolute must have, however, hear me out. Willow and Lyla would love this. When you're sitting around the campfire, you can take one of these packets and throw into it and it will instantly change the color of your fire. An assortment of colors and kids (and adults!) are happy campers! See what I did there? ;) This would be awesome for an outdoor get together. Your guests would totally be wooed! 

Igloo Soft Sided Cooler
This particular cooler is nice to have. It's pretty light, but provides enough storage for a few hours on the beach or a picnic in the woods. It has wheels so that it can be moved easily and it also have plenty of pocket space for storage. We have this cooler and have used it on the beach, park, river, you name it, we have probably taken it with out. It's convenient, yet very practical.

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