Friday, October 30, 2015

American Girl

Halloween is this weekend, for those of you who just might be living under a rock, and I'm working! Let's just hope work keeps me busy and is as interesting, if not more interesting than a normal Saturday evening...for now though, I'll 'start' my work week with these random tangents for this beautiful Friday morning!

1//Since not everyone celebrates Halloween, Lyla has been afforded the pretty sweet opportunity to dress up as her favorite storybook character instead of a normal Halloween dress up day. While this idea is fun for any little babe, last night was crazy trying to figure out what she wanted to be. She eventually decided to be one of the new American Girls. You would think that since she loves gymnastics and practices twice a week AND has tons of awesome leotards, she would decide to be McKenna, right? Absolutely not. This girl, well she decided to pull a fast one and would only be Isabelle, the ballerina. Well, we don't have any ballerina items...

Sweater, leotard, leg warmers, and tutu can be found at Target and source for the Isabelle picture

So, on our way to gymnastics practice, we made a quick trip to Target to grab some ballerina garb. We also grabbed the book, so that she could take it in with her. Ahhh, the life of a kindergartner.

2//Remember last week's post about my final couch decision? Well, funny thing is, I found something better (or at least in my opinion) and I'm pretty sure this is it. When searching for a sectional couch, I completely forgot about Ikea. Not sure how that happened, but I did. Anyway, we checked to see if there was something that would work for what we wanted (fabric, washable, plenty of seating, comfortable, budget friendly etc.) and we found it. Now, before you criticize the color, hear me out...

It may be white, but the covers can be removed and washed, which the other couch's we looked at, that wasn't an option. The girls are older now and we all generally eat at the table anyway. Am I naive to think that an accident won't happen? Absolutely not, however, I like it and it will work well in our new house and also be very neutral. Win, win in my opinion!

3//Earlier this week, I had signed up for Melyssa at The Nectar Collective's workshop called How to Grow a Wildly Engaged Blog. This was the first workshop pertaining to blogging that I have sat through and it was actually pretty sweet! I wasn't able to make it for the live workshop, but was able to catch it before the limited time replay timed out. I took notes and I'm still working through processing all the information...who would have thought there would be so much to it?! I've certainly taken major strides and am working hard to up my blogging game!

4//Speaking of upping my blogging game, I have been plugging away behind the scenes like crazy. I may not know exactly how or what to post on Twitter, but all in due time. I've also been figuring out what I'd like my About, Favorites, and other pages to entail. It's been way over due and I sincerely apologize (I know the About page is probably one of the most important pages!) I've also been in the works to get new and updated 'selfie' without the act of actually taking a selfie picture.

5//Finally, I have been so proud of myself for getting out and to the gym. I've gotten four good and solid workouts this week and have another on tap for today. Not only have I been consistently strength training, but I have also been running consistently. I'm planning on running in our local running club's, Shenandoah Valley Runners,  winter series again. I wasn't able to last year due to work and personal reasons, but I'm making it a mission this year. I also want to run a turkey trot again this year. Let my favorite running season begin! Maybe I'll even manage to kick butt in the winter series like I did two years ago...I placed first in my age group for the entire winter series!
Sorry for such poor quality! It's an older iPhone picture!

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