Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Compound Bows for the Huntress

Last year, I was fortunate enough to have been gifted my very own compound bow. I had never hunted, never shot a bow, didn't quite know what to expect, or even if it would be something that I would be interested in. Tony convinced me to try it so that on the off chance I did like shooting, it would be something that we could do together. 

My first shot, absolutely sucked. I missed the target and then had to figure out where the heck my arrow went. I spent a good ten to fifteen minutes hunting down that sucker (and arrows must be found because they certainly aren't cheap!) After the initial sighting in to make sure all of my sights were set, I flung arrow after arrow. I missed more than I hit, but was able to hit a few and eventually felt comfortable enough to have a little bit of confidence while shooting. 

This year, I've been looking and searching for a new bow that I can save for. My bow that I have now is a smaller bow that was given to me. It does the job, but I want something that works best for me (and maybe shows off a little of my personality too!) I've searched for women's compound bows and below are a few of my favorites that I have come across. Each of these have pretty good reviews and are somewhat budget friendly. I would still have to save some pennies dollars to purchase the one I choose, but it would be well worth the money spent.

Each one of these bows offer slightly different features to accommodate the female hunter. I've read reviews on each of them and still haven't quite narrowed it down to the one that I feel would suit me best (although, I do have one that is ahead of the rest...) Hopefully by next year, I'll have the one I decide on and will feel comfortable enough to get out into the woods with it! 

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