Friday, October 23, 2015

Finally Friday & a few tangents

Thank goodness it's Friday! While it hasn't really been that long of a work week for me, it's been one heck of a week all around. I'm definitely ready to relax some this weekend and have some fun. We have a few things planned for Saturday and I'm pretty excited. With that being said, let's start this weekend off with a few things...

1// This couch. I have been looking for a decent sectional for the new house and I'm really liking this one. I want a linen type material, not the micro velvet stuff like I've had previously. It has to be easier to clean, right?! Plus, this color is pretty sweet too. I'd also like to see if I could find one in a denim like color, I don't think I want one that is lightly might get their dirty little paws on it...ya know ;)

2// I can't believe that this is Willow's fourth year cheering! I just got her picture back and it's one of my favorites that she has taken. As we were on our way to the field for pictures this a week ago, she informed me that this was her least favorite day of cheer. In fact, she told me that she hated it and that she would only smile because I had asked her too and because she knew that I liked to have good pictures. As you can tell through the progression of pictures, she wasn't lying when she said she hated picture day...poor Willow.

3//When I feel like I have fifty million things to do and I need to get on them asap, I pull up Pinterest and begin pinning my little heart out. Procrastinator at heart and Pinterest is there to save the day. Today, while I was pinning, I came across this and it couldn't be truer.

source unknown

4//I was able to get in some good quality workouts this week. My running is improving and my strength is getting better each day. I've been working pretty hard and can't wait to see how my hard work pays off. I'm definitely a little sore though from a few new workouts I've done, but I love that feeling!

5//Gossip Girl. I know, I know. It's so 2000 whatever, but I've been watching the reruns after I wake up and no one is home. It's addicting and I can't seem to stop until I'm finished. Just starting Season 3 again.

That does it for me on this fantastic Friday! I hope everyone has a great weekend =) Anyone have any fun plans?!

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  1. It's been about a year since we got our sectional. We love it!! It's made by Ashley Furniture. Perfect for the kids paws! Haha. I started Gossip Girl forever ago but never did finish it. I definitely need to!