Monday, October 12, 2015

One for the books

We had a pretty jam packed weekend! Friday was our home inspection on the house and luckily nothing major was wrong, just a few minor things that had to be fixed. Saturday morning, Willow had a cheerleading obligation and with the chilly mornings, she opted to not take off her jacket the entire time! She still rocked it though and all the little ladies showed their support for Breast Cancer Awareness month by wearing their pink hair bows.

Later Saturday afternoon we had a party for my little Lyla, since TODAY is her 6th birthday!! I can't believe that she is six. Time has flown for my little Bebe...I'll have another post dedicated to that because I think it deserves it's own post =)

Saturday evening was spent with Tony's family at their house. We were able to play with the baby and we had a pretty awesome dinner that consisted of scallops and a bunch of other yummy food. We had such a good Saturday and I'm so thankful for the day that we were able to have.

Sunday was spent pretty low-key. We had to get Willow's cheer pictures done, but other than that, we took it pretty easy. I had plans of heading out into the woods in the evening to hunt, but I wasn't able to solidify plans for someone to keep the girls, plus I had an upset stomach all day, which was a bummer. We lounged around and Willow waited for Once Upon a Time to begin, while Tony and I waited patiently for The Walking Dead to come on all the while switching back and forth between football.

All in all, we had one of the best weekends in awhile. We stayed busy and had fun. Since today is Lyla's birthday, we will get some donuts for breakfast, per her request, and then they will spend the day with their Grandmother and cousins since there is no school today.

I hope everyone had a great weekend! We did and I couldn't be more thankful for the awesome weather and time we spent with family. What did you get into?!

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  1. Yay for weekends like that! That's how I felt about our weekend too. Peaceful, relaxing and just awesome. :)