Tuesday, October 6, 2015

When today was your best day.

Have you ever had one of those days where everything was going great? The day that the kids made it to school in one piece with their lunches, backpacks, clothes, AND shoes on correctly? You might have drank a little coffee while browsing Pinterest, went to the gym, ran a little, and even managed to do a little thrift store browsing? May have picked up the kids from school, heard all about their excitingly fabulous days? Dropped the oldest off at her aunts house while taking the youngest to gymnastics practice, but not before stopping at Ross to see if there was anything interesting or important enough to buy for a new house? Actually getting to practice and watch that little tiny gymnast of yours totally rock it?

And then it hits you...


Like a car backing out of a parking space into another oncoming car.

Oh no? You haven't? Well let me let you in on a little something, it can happen. And it's a total mood killer. It's like you're having the best of days and then reality reminds you to slow your role and tells you to get down of that number nine cloud you happen to be sitting on. That bubble burst and there wasn't anything to catch your fall.

But there was. Ironically, that car that you may have backed into, might just have been one of your daughter's gymnastics coach. Coincidence? I think not.

On the bright side of you smashing into your daughter's coach's car, it may have been quite an easy exchange of information (let's face the facts though, she knows where you are every Tuesday and Thursday for about an hour and a half) and you weren't given the nasty slew of rude remarks or the threatening call to report your inadequecies as a driver to the DMV.

You may have been given a second chance. A chance to wrong the right and while that accident occurred, you were reminded that it happens. Accidents happen and everyone is susceptible.

Man, your day must have had a rough ending...


Don't worry, the car was parked when this was taken! Haha!

Mine either. I had a day quite similar to the one described above, but I remembered that stuff happens. It's not the end of the world. Days go on, with or without incident. Everyone is bound to make a mistake, have an accident, or take for granted a great day.

I'm thankful that my minor accident was just that. I'm thankful that that's all it was. It could have been worse, but it wasn't. And it made my day that much better. (Besides the fact that I may have to shell out a little cash, to right my wrong.)

I'm thankful for the day I was given.

Before my untimely little accident, I was able to watch my little Lyla and all her hard practice. She is part of the training team, which is the team that gets the girls ready for the competition team. Lyla has been working so hard and done so well. I can't believe how far she has come and the time and dedication she has shown. This snippet from her practice shows some of the skills she's worked on. She has it down, but now needs to fine tune it and 'make it pretty.' I posted another little snippet on my Instagram account if you'd like to check it out =)

 I'm so proud of this little girl!

Please excuse the quality! All I had was my iPhone and this was her kind of goofing off at the end ;)

 photo name_zpskqzxwjcy.jpg


  1. Oh goodness!! I'm glad all is well and it was only minor! And it is so worth choosing the positive attitude. And that's so cool, her gymnastics. Love it!

  2. I call positivity my secret weapon! Great post and kudos to Lyla for all her hard work! Thanks for sharing.