Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Bucket List

//Hike down into the Grand Canyon and raft the Colorado.
//Travel to all 50 states in the US.
//Have a successful garden and be able to can and or freeze my produce.
//Be debt free. 
//Run a marathon.
//Take a cooking class. 
//Play messy Twister.
//Sew and complete a quilt.
//Sing karaoke.
//Learn a dance.
//Plant a magnolia tree.
//Make a butcher block counter top.
//Run a race with the girls.
//Try a new sport besides running, maybe join a league!
//Write more letters to the people I care about. Time is precious.
//Travel outside of the U.S.
//Learn to crochet.
//Backpack Europe (cliche, I know, but I'd love to do it!)
//Learn to snowboard.
//Watch the Summer Olympics live.
//Open an Etsy shop.
//Take the girls to Disney World.
//Go scuba diving.
//Eat on a rooftop restaurant.
//Be an extra in a film.
//Stand on the equator.
//Go to New York City for New Year's Eve

The infamous bucket list of all bucket lists. We all have one and I am certainly no exception. I'm sure that these I have put together aren't the one and only items that will make the cut on my ever growing bucket list, but for starters, here are just a few that I'd like to check off. We have one life to actually LIVE and we might as well make it good, right? 
What are some of the items on your bucket list? 

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  1. I love coming up with ideas for a Bucket of my top things is to travel cross country a road trip and see all the major sights!