Friday, November 13, 2015

Friday Spill & Instagram Giveaway

Yesterday, while hectic and time consuming was by far one of the best days that I have had in awhile and that may or may not have been due to the fact that we spent it getting our Ikea cherry popped ;) We had originally planned on ordering this couch that I mentioned online, but shipping was a little more than we wanted to pay. So, we decided that we would make a trip to Ikea ourselves and pick it up.

Let's just say, we got more than we bargained for and actually had an absolute blast. We also got way more than just a couch and may have been slightly stressed, but it was all totally worth it. Not only did we hit up Ikea (which if it's your first time going, you should probably have someone who knows what they're doing with you), but we perused Costco first. It was right across the street and we just wanted to see what kind of flooring, if any, there was. Needless to say, we left with a new TV, and awesome swivel, tilt mount for the TV, and a new coffee pot. The TV was too good to pass up and we actually needed a new coffee pot.

Once we finished in Costco, we headed to Ikea and spent almost two hours just looking before deciding to go ahead and purchase our couch. We ended up with this new floor lamp,  string lights for the girls room, a wooden spoon, a little blue tea light lantern, and two stuffed animals since the girls were so good during the long trip.  We had also planned on stopping by Lowe's to pick up the flooring, but decided to wait until Tuesday so that we could have one less thing in the truck. When deciding on flooring, we had originally planned on actual hardwood, however, after doing a little research, decided on bamboo, which is a pretty viable and comparable option to hardwood. Not only is it just as durable as hardwood, it's also considerable less (try half the price!) of hardwood. We chose the Bamboo 'Spice' colored flooring and will only need about 19-20 boxes to fit our entire living space, since we decided to keep carpet in the bedrooms and at $1.99 a square foot, we can't beat it. Can we say #winning?!

Once we drove all that way back to town from Woodbridge, we unloaded and Lyla and I headed to gymnastics practice, and once that was finished, I fixed dinner, and enjoyed some much needed wine. Perfect ending to an awesome day. 

As for moving, we are set to close Monday on the house. We can't wait. We were pushing to close today, however, the the Veteran's day holiday threw a wrench into the plan and it didn't work out like we wanted. It's ok though because we had taken this weekend off to hunt, since it will be the first day of rifle season and that was before we knew or planned on purchasing a house =) Here's to waking up early and enjoying the beauty of Mother Nature from a tree stand!

I have been looking all over for some purchase worthy curtains, but to no avail, have I found anything worth buying. Maybe I'm picky, but I just can't seem to ind any that I am dead set on having. I have however, been loving all of this Pioneer Woman stuff from Walmart of all places. I'm in love with the flea market items and have purchased numerous pieces. I wanted the serving bowls, but I've searched for them in numerous Walmart's and they are sold out online, bummer. Here are a few items that I have purchased...

In almost totally unrelated, but not quite unrelated news. I am so ready for the Christmas holiday season. Maybe it's the impending move or the fact that I am pretty much done shopping, but I can't wait for all the Christmas music, decor, food, and festivities! I'm ready for a tree now and to get everything out to celebrate one of my favorite times of the year. Thanksgiving is still my favorite holiday, with the tremendous amounts of amazing food and fellowship, but it's just something about Christmas that just makes my day!

Let's see, house related stuff aside, I have an awesome Giveaway going on via Instagram! I teamed up with nine other fabulous ladies and am giving away an Instax Camera! It's a loop giveaway and you should definitely go check it out and get yourself entered. I secretly want to win just so I have the awesome prize! These ladies that I've teamed up with are awesome and even if you don't enter yourself, you should go follow them ;)

Well guys, I've drank my wine and written this post, and had a jolly ole time! Once we are all moved and settled, I'll be back on my regularly scheduled posting cycle! I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!

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