Monday, November 30, 2015


It's a short and sweet post today! With our move, getting things unpacked, getting our new schedules adjusted, work, and Thanksgiving, it's been quite a ride. Thanksgiving was such an awesome day and it was spent with those I love and enjoy being around. The food was so good and Willow and Lyla even had some fancy sparkling cider.

Since Thanksgiving however, I've had the pleasure of taking it easy with working long nights and sleeping during the days. I did manage to sort through my growing pile of Christmas gifts to see what I had and what I have left to buy. I'm certainly in the Christmas spirit mood and this weekend coming up, we have plans to pick out the perfect tree.

For now, I'll settle for stringing all my Christmas decorations out and all over the floor of the house until I can properly decorate.

 photo name_zpskqzxwjcy.jpg

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