Monday, December 21, 2015

Weekend // Time Well Spent

We really had a blast this weekend. It was filled with quite a bit of traveling to see my best friend. It's been a few months since I've seen here, which kind of stinks. She lives in Florida and it's a little bit difficult to plan a weekend trip. Fortunately, she and her family will be PCSing to Camp Lejune soon so there will be plenty of trips to come! 

Aside from our Saturday road trip, Tony finally took a deer down, so we will have plenty of meat in the freezer! It's been an awesome thing to have deer meat because it's been almost two years since we have actually bought hamburger from the store. I absolutely love knowing where my meat came from. Not to mention, I know that there's no 'slime' in it. Hopefully, we will be able to get our garden up and growing this summer, so we can also have fresh vegetables. Only a few months to prep for it!

We also had a rare kid free night thanks to a dance party and birthday sleepover the girls had. They had a blast while we had an impromptu date night. We went all out, McDonald's Big Macs, fries, and drink. Then it was off to see Star Wars...yea, I know, we are so awesome haha! It was a 10:20 showing and by the time we left, it was almost one. On the way home, the wind was so bad and there were actually flurries! 

Saturday was the day we drove six hours round trip to Pennsylvania to see Rochelle. We didn't do a whole lot, but it's not about doing so much as being in great company. We went to lunch at Shirley's Cafe & Tequila Bar and it was so good. The kids shared pizza and Rochelle and I decided to try to Pomerita. I'm usually not a huge fan of margarita's, however it was fantastic! We then grabbed some quick sugar cookie mix so that the girls could decorate some cookies. They had a blast and it was a quick fun thing for them to do. Once those were done, we decided to head to Cabela's  in Hamburg, PA before we had to get back on the road. I found this and this and wanted it, but it was so busy there that the line wrapped all the way around the store. I was sad to leave, but hopefully it won't be as long in between visits this time! 

Sunday was filled with sleeping in, grocery shopping, laundry, and watching Christmas movies. A somewhat productive yet lazy day. I made my favorite dinner of white chicken enchiladas and called it a day. Unfortunately, it's back to work for me and it's my long week, meaning that yes, I work Christmas. Bummer...

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How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun and festive? 

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