Monday, January 4, 2016

An Accomplishment & the Weekend

Guys, I am so pleased with myself! This weekend flew by, but guess what?! I got so much accomplished! It feels even better knowing that we were also able to actually enjoy the weekend! To bad the girls head back to school today and I'm heading back to work...

So, as for this weekend, we had a blast. Friday, Tony's little brother stayed with us. We played a few games, had some good pizza, and Saturday morning, the egg master, his little bro dubbed himself, made us eggs while Tony hunted. Once Tony got back from hunting, we headed to get the girls ears pierced. They have been waiting for so long to have them done and they finally did it! I can't believe that neither of them cried, although I though Lyla might squeeze my hand off. The girls then had a sleepover with their aunt and Tony and I had a rare kid free night. We spent it in the woods since it was the last day of hunting season. We then came home, played some Bananagrams, made some Belgian waffles with the new waffle maker, and watched Netflix. Kid free and we are boring ;) I'll take it! Sunday morning the girls came back and we had brunch with Tony's family. We also moved all of our new bedroom furniture into our room and then we went and bought a new mattress! Unfortunately, we will have to wait until Wednesday to get the mattress since it wasn't in stock, but we were able to get a really good deal on a nice one, so I'll just have to practice my patience...the rest of Sunday was spent taking Christmas decorations down, tree included, and cleaning up and relaxing. It was a productively relaxing weekend!

Oh wait, I didn't stop there though, I did quite a bit for Lola & Lane! You see, those pages up at the top, well, they have been a working progress since I began. No more! I have FINALLY finished them and added a few things to them. Check them out and let me know what you think! I also have a few posts lined up that I'm pretty excited about, so stay tuned =)

Holy cow, I'm excited! If you couldn't tell...

Don't forget to come back and link up on Thursday for the Life366 Project! I hope everyone had a great weekend!

What did your weekend look like? Any big plans for this upcoming week? 

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