Sunday, January 17, 2016

Weekends are for Fun

I won't lie. I really wen through it attempting to write this post. Honestly, it's not because I'm in a bad place or I have nothing to share because believe me, it's quite the opposite. This past weekend, we slowed down and enjoyed it. We had no schedule to adhere to, no plans what so ever, absolutely nothing. I know that I've said it more often than not because it's hard to not have a good weekend when I'm with the ones I love, but there's truly something about the slow hum drum of nothingness.

Why then, am I having a hard time with this? I think it's because my mind is in overdrive. I feel like I want more than what I'm getting and I have so many ideas and things running through my tiny brain. I'm always thinking of 'things' to better my family and right now, I have one big cluster in my head that I can't pick through. I just need to buckle down and pick through the pieces and make it all make sense...more on that late =)

Anyway, like I said, this weekend was pretty great. We spent Friday evening lounging around, watching movies, getting some laundry done, and sleeping pretty soundly. No alarm clocks to wake us up, and not a single plan for Saturday. We woke up late Saturday morning, ate some breakfast, cleaned, and headed to town. We were due for upgrades for our phones, so we finally got new phones (iPhone 6s Plus and yes, I LOVE it!) and finally decided to go to Tony's parent's house for a little bit. Keeping with the no plan of the day, Tony's parent's kept the girls and we went and saw The Revenant with Tony's sister and boyfriend, an impromptu double date for the win!

Let me just say this, wow. This movie was such a good movie, albeit pretty long and some what drawn out in some scenes, but an awesome movie nonetheless. Leonardo DiCaprio was perfect for the part. If you haven't seen it yet, go. Not to mention, the grizzly bear attack scene, was pretty crazy and if he doesn't win some kind of award for stripping down and sleeping inside a horse carcass to survive, I would be just a little sad.

Back to the weekend and how awesome it was...

Sunday was truly spent doing nothing, but whatever we wanted. We didn't leave the house. It started snowing and we had a nice dusting on the ground, we had our little fireplace on, made some waffles, baked a cake, colored in one of those awesome therapeutic coloring books, made some delicious dinner, watch football, and read a book. How's that for a Sunday? I'd say it was good. 

My sad attempt at one of those way cooler pictures everyone tries to recreate AND I just noticed you can see me in the reflection...ha.

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  What fun things did y'all get into?!
Also, don't forget that this Thursday is the third week of The Life366 Project link up! Come back and share what you have been up to not just this weekend, but everyday!

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